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 AM & Shortwave Receivers


Classic Radios, TVs
& Amateur Radio Equipment

Tube Radios & Early Transistor Radios
Early Television Receivers
Amateur Radio Boatanchors
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Amateur Radio Boatanchors

Signal/One History and the
Registry of Existing Signal/Ones

I am Fred Hoffmann.  I've been interested in electronics ever since I can remember.  My first grade (1957) science project was a one transistor audio amplifier. I hold an Amateur Extra License - K5OG.  Collecting and restoring old electronic equipment is quite a refreshing change from the all-digital world of electronics today.  They were more than just boxes to hold electronics - they were part of your home and your life.  I hope you enjoy these old radios and TVs as much as I do.

It is now 21 years since I first created this site.  During that time my interests have moved more toward my Amateur Radio collection, especially my Signal/One collection.  I will most likely be selling most of my televisions and many of the radios.  Problem is it seems the value of these collectibles has fallen over the years and the cost of shipping has gone through the roof as we subsidize Amazon's shipping rates.  This will be a slow process but since I am certain I will never restore these radios and TVs I think it best to get them into the hands of collectors who will.
If you have any questions (EXCEPT - "WHAT IS MY RADIO WORTH?") or comments please email me at
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