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                                  D11 Chassis

Back in June 12, 2002 I was surfing around eBay.  Lori came in and saw this set.  She loved the cabinet so I bought it for $51.00.  After many months of waiting it arrived on December 20.  The cabinet is in excellent condition with only minor damage to the front right leg and a bit of scuffing on the lower left side.  There are some very minor marks on the top but you must be looking for them.   The picture tube is EXCELLENT with high emission.  There is a slight green cataract around the edge of the tube but it is not visible when the set is on.  The base had been pushed against the neck of the tube but I found most of the pieces inside the cabinet to the right of the chassis.  I used epoxy to repair the base and it works fine.   I replaced 5 tubes and the set came to life.  I had to adjust the horiz osc a bit and set the vert height and lin.  There is still some retrace and there is some minor instability in the sync circuit.  It looks like the flyback was replaced at some time in the past as well as quite a few of the tubes.  Repairs are mostly complete and the set in now in daily service in our living room.  If we need to watch a larger picture we can go to the media center and watch the 50 inch plasma screen. :-)  The pictures below of the set in operation were made using an alligator clip lead as the antenna.   Not bad!

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