Westinghouse - H840CK15
Serial Number MW006012
Chassis Number M000819

While the RCA CT-100 is much more well know, in part due to the fact that 136 are know to exist, the H840CK15 actually preceded the CT-100 to the market place in early 1954.  As of April 2006 Steve McVoy has 15 listed in his database.  My 840 arrived on March 29, 2002.  It is as close to mint as you can expect to find.  May 31, 2003 I pulled the back off the set and checked the CRT.  Dave said it was good but I thought it might be a good idea to check it after it was shipped from Chicago.  I found the tube has excellent emission on all three guns.

840cka.jpg (63495 bytes) 840ckb.jpg (62081 bytes)840ckc.jpg (74829 bytes)

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