The Arliss

The CTC5 is now in Corpus Christi.  I moved the set from Dallas on April 13, 2002.  It was originally from Dallas
but was moved to Las Vegas and then back to Dallas.  After all those miles the set is still in remarkable physical
condition with scratches only on the top from a battery charger that was placed on top of it during one of the Las Vegas moves. 
Best of all - it works!  Purity was shaken up on one of its previous journeys.    Even the high voltage regulation is good!
A quick inspection of the chassis reveals two bad tube sockets and several weak tubes.   One of the 5U4 regulators
had gone to air.  The color osc. is not working and some time in the past several caps and a resistor were
poorly replaced in the vertical circuit.  I don't plan on doing anything else to this set until the CT100 is complete.

cabinet1.jpg (52944 bytes) cabinet2.jpg (50453 bytes)
cabinet3.jpg (54588 bytes) chassis1.jpg (79557 bytes)
chassis2.jpg (74214 bytes)
The chassis is clean and
completely free of rust.
video1.jpg (59389 bytes)
No color but all three
guns are working!

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