Bakelite & Plastic Radios
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13ae.JPG (43104 bytes)
Crosley 13-AE
Mint AM/SW bakelite
C580.JPG (42653 bytes)
Philco C580
1955 Transitones in red and green
Silvertone 9006
1949 deco plastic
Emerson 830
'50s battery operated portable
48460.JPG (48304 bytes)
Philco 48-460
"Big Smile" 1948 deco bakelite
7421W.JPG (50968 bytes)
Olympic 7-421W
A very special 1949 bakelite
This radio belonged to my grandparents
zenseash.jpg (203308 bytes)
Zenith A-402 "Sea Shore"
'50s plastic portable - great colors
EMERNMN.JPG (54398 bytes)
'50s deco plastic table-top radio
When found this radio was near junk but is now
restored with only a repaired crack on top
rcab411.jpg (180817 bytes)
RCA B411
1951 battery operated plastic portable
slvtn8211.jpg (170539 bytes)
Silvertone 8211
50s plastic battery operated portable
Uses 1-volt tubes and is near mint
inside and out
SLV7025.JPG (47623 bytes)
Silvertone 7025
1947 "Candycane" deco plastic in mint condition
EMR520.JPG (37033 bytes)
Emerson 520
One of the last catalin radios
PT2.JPG (45534 bytes)
Philco PT-2
1940 bakelite AM
49905.JPG (116938 bytes)
Philco 49-905
1949 AM/FM bakelite
435T5.JPG (100444 bytes)
Westinghouse 435T5
Nice 50s plastic restored after
being left for dead in a garage
D597.JPG (37154 bytes)
Philco D-597
1956 plastic
Great 50's styling
52X.JPG (46369 bytes)
Motorola 52X
May be 52X110
66BX.JPG (35697 bytes)
"Globetrotter" 1947
75X11.JPG (34488 bytes)
RCA 75X11
1948 plastic and brass
E10135.JPG (42467 bytes)
Emerson 10-135
Classic 50s styling


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