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ACE5.JPG (41488 bytes)ACE5A.JPG (38354 bytes)
Crosley Ace Type V
Case and interior are nice but very dirty and tube has open filament.  Missing knobs and a tube have been acquired.  Click either image for larger picture
of the project.
Audion1.jpg (45556 bytes)
New Old Stock!
Click on image for a look at
something quite rare and special.

Aktypel.jpg (71784 bytes)
Atwater Kent Model 70

Type L Chassis.  This radio belonged to my greatgrand parents.  I remember the frame of the original speaker laying on the ground outside the "smokehouse" at the ranch when I was a small boy.  It was discarded many years ago.  I recently purchased a NOS speaker in the original box.
5S127C.JPG (56464 bytes)
Zenith 5-S-127
This radio was nearly destroyed from being wet.
Probably should have been junked for parts but
I just couldn't trash a 127. Restoration should
be complete later this year.  I was hoping
to be finished by now but too much going on.
56X5.JPG (64688 bytes)56X5B.JPG (39014 bytes)
RCA 56X5
1947 BC/SW "12,000 Miler".  This radio was
in bad shape but restored beautifully
and is fully functional.
D2616A.JPG (34716 bytes)D2616H.JPG (36708 bytes)
Truetone D-2616
Click left image to see several
pictures of the restoration of this radio.
Click right image for completed radio.
It turned out to be a beautiful radio.
SUPER5.JPG (37318 bytes)
Audio-Tone Super 5
Date unknown.  Battery set with bakelite front.   If you know anything about this radio please e-mail.


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