The TRK12 was among the first RCA television sets released in 1939.   44 TRK12s and TRK120s are know to exist.

On June 28. 2002 a lift gate delivery truck arrived at my home in Corpus Christi with the TRK12.  It was carefully crated.  The picture tube had been removed and packed safely in a separate box inside the wood crate.  I saw this set was available on the classified page on the Early Television Foundation web site.  I contacted the owners in Manhattan and set up a meeting with them in May.  I went to their store and saw the set for the first time.  I knew this had to be one of the best original finishes on any TRK12 in existence.  It is just beautiful with only one small scratch on the front.   The next day I returned and fired up the filaments in the picture tube.  We settled on a price and the deal was made.  I will not begin restoration of this set until I finish with the CT100.  The radio chassis does work and the others are complete so with a bit of TLC I feel sure this set will be working within a year.  Here are some pictures of the set.

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