Let's hear it for
OOPS.......er, I mean UPS

When you send something to the trash dump it's only thrown on and off the truck once.
When you ship something by UPS you have no idea how many times it happens.

If you collect antique radios or televisions (Hell, anything for that matter) you should look at the following pictures of this old television.  This is not the first time United Parcel Service has drop kicked a package to my door.   I don't know what the gorillas that work for them do but it seems they go out of their way to damage packages.  Even if they are CLEARLY marked FRAGILE.  They just don't give a damn.  If it's big, like a TV, either pay the price and use Craters and Freighters, pick it up yourself or just don't buy it.  I will not use UPS again.  The pictures speak for themselves.  This TV is not that heavy, it was just badly mishandled.

Picture 002.jpg (49746 bytes)                     Picture 003.jpg (74093 bytes)                     Picture 004.jpg (63697 bytes)

Let's hear it AGAIN for
OOPS.......er, I mean UPS!

Well, it just gets "better".   About two weeks after the set arrived I found a 12LP4 on ebay.  HOT DAMN!!!!!!   I bought it.  I contacted the seller and strongly suggested that UPS not be used.  He insisted that UPS would be a safe way to ship the tube.  I'm not going to say it was the best packing job but it was quite adequate.  When it arrived......yep, you guessed it, UPS had destroyed it.  Yes, the box was clearly marked with FRAGILE GLASS labels.  Once again I STRONGLY suggest the only thing you ship UPS should be stainless steel ball bearings packed in welded steel containers.   Hell they'll probably get lost during shipping or claim they are too heavy for their poor drivers to handle.  Here's what I found when I opened the box.

102_0252.jpg (53231 bytes)                     102_0254.jpg (42359 bytes)


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