Wood and Metal Radios
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Aktypel.jpg (71784 bytes)
Atwater Kent Model 70

Type L Chassis.  Cabinet has been restored, will work on electronics soon.  This radio belonged to my Great Grandparents.
6S128.JPG (51406 bytes)
Zenith 6-S-128
1936 Tombstone.  AM and SW with six tubes, black dial, and wooden "Z" knobs

Cr18_small.jpg (120297 bytes)
Grebe CR-18
This radio is in MINT condition with all tubes, coils, and instruction manual.  Displayed with this radio (in larger image) are a spark gap generator, two DeForest Audion Bulbs, and a Parker Pin.  This radio was given to me by Helen Smith, the wife of broadcast pioneer, T. Frank Smith, Sr., W5VA.

6D525.jpg (45754 bytes)
Zenith 6-D-525
1941 Black Dial with "Z" Knobs
Walnut case with tortoise shell handle
SUPER5.JPG (37318 bytes)
Audio-Tone Super 5
Date unknown.  Battery set with bakelite front.   If you know anything about this radio please e-mail.
 7S633.JPG (36972 bytes)
Zenith 7-S-633
1942 AM/SW in mint condition.  One of my favorite radios.
SLV6050.JPG (57151 bytes)
Silvertone 6050
A nice old 1947 with very deco grill
AK47A.JPG (35059 bytes)AK47B.JPG (43579 bytes)
Atwater Kent Model 47
This radio was rusted and nearly destroyed.
Repainted by local custom auto house.
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H503.jpg (45754 bytes)
Zenith H503
56X5B.JPG (39014 bytes)
RCA 56X5
1946 AM/SW "12,000 Miler"
45X18.JPG (35992 bytes)
RCA 45X18
Restored and refinished
PHLNMN1.JPG (40340 bytes)
Philco 42-322
AM/SW wood cabinet in excellent condition.
6D2620.JPG (43513 bytes)
Zenith 6-D-2620
1942 "Boomerang" dial
6D1_612.JPG (33556 bytes)
Aviola 6D1-612
6D1-612 chassis in handmade
cedar wood case.  In very poor condition when acquired.  Refinished and restored.
D2622.JPG (37850 bytes)
Philco D2622
45X3.JPG (36488 bytes)
RCA 45X3
1940 wood table radio
WR35.JPG (37083 bytes)
Mfg for RCA by Westinghouse
42_321.JPG (41911 bytes)
Philco 42-321
1942 wood table radio
Not sure if white is original
55b1u.jpg (40782 bytes)
Motorola 55B1U
1955 tube portable
56M3A.JPG (37463 bytes)
Motorola 56M3A
1959 tube portable


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