Regency Transistors

I recently aquired these rather unique items from a local amatuer radio operator who was the manager of an electronics store here in Corpus Christi during the 50s and 60s.  He later opened his own electronics store which he managed until his retirement.  They are original shipping boxes for TR-1Gs and are in excellent condition.  He was using them as storage boxes in a closet.  
104_0474.jpg (116040 bytes)    104_0475.jpg (113866 bytes)    104_0477.jpg (82681 bytes)

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rgntr1red.jpg (74330 bytes)
Mandarin Red
rgntr1mhg.jpg (68153 bytes)
Mottled Mahogony
rgntr1grn.jpg (71849 bytes)
Jade Green
rgntr5.jpg (191332 bytes)

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