Transistor Radios
Why this old radio?  This was my first transistor radio.  
Given to me by my parents for Christmas 1961.  Yes, it still works!

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More radios coming soon.

Regency Transistors

Zenith Transistors
RCA Transistors
Spica Transistors
ZR620WHT.JPG (42515 bytes)
Zephyr ZR-620 
New in box with everything
including receipt
r70red.jpg (143891 bytes)
Panasonic Panapets

Emerson 888 
Turquoise "Vanguard"

Coronet Boy's Radio
Two transistor, red/white case
Sony 1R-81
New in original case and box
slv213.jpg (170207 bytes)
Silvertone 213
Ice Blue Jet Age transistor radio
NTR815.JPG (203564 bytes)
Fleetwood NTR-815
Battery only table top AM/SW
slv8206.jpg (201016 bytes)
Silvertone 8206
Motorola X14E
mot6x31r.jpg (192267 bytes)
Motorola 6X31R
Motorola X21
emr838.jpg (174311 bytes)
Emerson 838 Hybrid
solare.jpg (175864 bytes)
Solar "E"
H622P6.JPG (36430 bytes)
Westinghouse H-622P6
1958 yellow and white "Cordless"
motx15r.jpg (74285 bytes)
Motorola X15E
cont_tr300.jpg (65717 bytes)
Continental TR-300
sly4p14w.jpg (79116 bytes)
Sylvania 4P14W
trutn_dc3506.jpg (68529 bytes)
Truetone DC3506
This radio belonged to my Grandmother
Well used, but she really enjoyed it.

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