Zenith Transistor Radios

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R500s.jpg (44380 bytes)
Royal 500
Click on image to view Royal 500s
transistorr16.html(162828 bytes)
Royal 16
Click on image to view Royal 16s
zenr50wh.jpg (175893 bytes)
Royal 50
White case in near mint condition
R20BLK.JPG (38448 bytes)
Royal 20
Black in new condition in display case
R80.JPG (47381 bytes)
Royal 80
Mint in original box
R555.JPG (42746 bytes)
Royal 555 Suncharger
Near mint with leather case
and original operating guide
R300BLK.JPG (44187 bytes)
Royal 300
Conplete with leather case
and original earphone
R150.JPG (41918 bytes)
Royal 150
Cream color in near mint condition
R200CRL.JPG (41698 bytes)
Royal 200
Coral color with original earphone
znthr780.jpg (80092 bytes)
Royal 780

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