RCA CT-100
The Merrill
Chassis Serial Number B8002390
Cabinet Serial Number 663

ct100_2a.jpg (44452 bytes)

"The Merrill" was RCA's first production color television.   Beginning in March 1954 RCA sold a very limited number of these television receivers.  According to Pete Deksnis, "The Keeper of CT-100 Knowledge", as of Oct 18, 2009, 136 Merrills are known to exist. Of those, 36 are operational.  I will not include the complete history of the CT-100 here.  Pete has an excellent site devoted to the CT-100 and the people involved in its preservation: http://home.att.net/~pldexnis

For a brief history of 663 go to the Email Page.   For the truly adventurous, go to the Restoration Log for a detailed look at the restoration of 663, or go to Picture Page 1 for a look at the set as it was.  I will add pictures to document the progress of the restoration.  If there is any information you would like to share or you just wish to comment on this project please email me at: 

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