RCA CT-100
The Merrill
Chassis Serial Number B8002390
Cabinet Serial Number 663

Picture Page 2
All pictures taken July 7, 2001 as restoration started

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cbnt_interior.jpg (60330 bytes)
A view of the cabinet with the chassis removed.
Speaker and grill cloth are in excellent condition
chassis2.jpg (87062 bytes)
Top view of chassis before cleaning
hv3.jpg (83527 bytes)
HV cage is in reasonable condition except for
T11 which has been damaged and must be replaced.
Sure hope I can find one!
mods2.jpg (89509 bytes)
This is the video input mod I found. 
It has been removed.
rectifiers.jpg (89732 bytes)
The rectifiers are in excellent physical condition.
missing_cover.jpg (82238 bytes)
The cover is missing from this area of the chassis.
ballast.jpg (66247 bytes)
Ballast mounting plate
tuner2.jpg (69845 bytes)
Tuning mechanism before cleaning.
coil2.jpg (73591 bytes)
The peaking coils must all be replaced.
chassis6.jpg (88141 bytes)
Another view of some of the damage to the
top of the chassis.
chassis5.jpg (91376 bytes)
The center of the chassis before cleaning.
chassis_btm1.jpg (101578 bytes)
The underside of the chassis is in overall
excellent condition.

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