RCA CT-100
The Merrill
Chassis Serial Number B8002390
Cabinet Serial Number 663

Picture Page 1
All pictures taken June 30, 2001 before restoration began

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ct100_2a.jpg (44452 bytes)
Complete view of the television set at the beginning of
the restoration.

b_sn.jpg (67695 bytes)
Close up of the "B" series number stamped on the chassis.

label.jpg (48459 bytes)
RCA Victor label located on the upper, rear of
the cabinet.

tube_shld.jpg (56740 bytes)
The picture tube shield.  Notice the rust from years of
improper storage at the KRIS transmitter building.

getter4.jpg (91333 bytes)
Possibly the best news for any restoration - a shiny,
silver "getter".  This indicates the CRT is still under
vacuum.  The filaments also check good.

getter1.jpg (50422 bytes)
Another view of the rear of the yoke and the neck.  Rust
is present on virtually all metal surfaces.

hv_cage.jpg (48775 bytes)
The high voltages cage showing damage caused by the
rats that nested in the set decades ago.

knobs_3.jpg (78766 bytes)
Tuning knobs and four control knobs.  The volume
control is missing.

tuner1.jpg (69534 bytes)
More rust on the tuner caused by the rats.

escut_2.jpg (71113 bytes)
The inside of the escutcheon panel with labels for
control functions.

ctc2_stamp.jpg (66762 bytes)
Information stamped on rear of chassis

escut_1.jpg (67437 bytes)
Outside view of the escutcheon panel showing dirt and
some deterioration of the gold trim.

cbnt_sn.jpg (58015 bytes)
Numbers stamped into rear of cabinet.

lid_sn.jpg (54514 bytes)
Numbers stamped into cabinet lid.  Note damage to corner
that occured when the lid blew off while transporting.

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