RCA CT-100
The Merrill
Chassis Serial Number B8002390
Cabinet Serial Number 663

Picture Page 4
Pictures on this page are after Feb 10, 2002 and show progress of the restoration
as well as some before and after comparisons.

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bezel_2.jpg (48582 bytes)
Removing the trim and glass revealed
a deteriorated gasket.
bezel_1.jpg (41579 bytes)
Cleaning is slow and difficult.  Getting
the old gasket off with out damaging the finish
is difficult. This is an area where I'm working.
glass_1.jpg (52972 bytes)
Old gasket residue on glass.
bezel1.jpg (70939 bytes)
Mar. 24, 2002. New gasket made of
PVC weather-strip.
bezel2.jpg (81288 bytes)
Clean and ready to install
in the cabinet.
bezel3.jpg (100211 bytes)
Rear view of bezel after cleaning.

hvcovers.jpg (70538 bytes)
This is an original HV cage cover.
Click image for side by side comparison
with the new cover.
hvcover2.jpg (67136 bytes)
This is the reproduction cover.  It is virtually
impossible to distinguish it from the original.
rectcvr2.jpg (64883 bytes)
This is the original rectifier cover
rectcvr3.jpg (67045 bytes)
This is the new rectifier cover.
rectcvr1.jpg (70574 bytes)
Another view of the new reproduction
rectifier cover.  The new covers were
manufactured in March 2002

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