RCA CT-100
The Merrill
Chassis Serial Number B8002390
Cabinet Serial Number 663

Picture Page 3
Pictures on this page are after July 17, 2001 and show progress of the restoration
as well as some before and after comparisons.

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ziggy and ctc2.jpg (84588 bytes)
Ziggy supervises the restoration to make sure I do it right
video boards.jpg (96108 bytes)
Video boards before and after cleaning.
Blue peaking coil has been replaced.
hot resistor.jpg (87349 bytes)
One of the B+ resistors that has been replaced.
chassis2.jpg (87062 bytes)chassis after cleaning.jpg (91358 bytes)
The top of the chassis "before and after" shows considerable
improvement after cleaning.  The discoloration will probably remain. 
It should have no impact on performance and will be extremely
difficult to remove or cover.
9-1 base.jpg (71832 bytes)
Base of tube before removal Sept 1, 2001
9-1 coil.jpg (56448 bytes)
Degaussing Coil before removal Sept 1, 2001
9-1 yoke.jpg (72445 bytes)
Yoke before removal Sept 1, 2001
9-1 neck.jpg (70708 bytes)
Neck of picture tube before removal Sept, 1, 2001
9-1 cabinet.jpg (70195 bytes)
The cabinet with picture tube and all parts
removed.  Cabinet will be taken to Goliad, TX
tomorrow for restoration.  The top is already restored.
filaments1.jpg (70489 bytes)
Sept. 9, 2001  11:45A.M.
After about four decades ALL the filaments in my 15GP22
light up.  Only two are visible at any angle.
cbnt_andy.jpg (76776 bytes)
Andy Cole, standing behind the cabinet,
in his workshop near Goliad, TX
hvcage3.jpg (67443 bytes)
View of HV cage.
hvcage5.jpg (41724 bytes)
Both controls look to be in good condition and
both check good with smooth operation.
hvcage4.jpg (54565 bytes)
HV capacitor and rectifier tube socket.

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